Standard products

Automatic assembly and packaging​

Automatic assembly and packaging for plastic injection machines. Fully Autonomous

Vibrating feeders

We idealize the orientation of the part, according to the client's criteria. We work in partnership with one of the largest producers of vibrating feeders in Europe.

Belt or Roller conveyors

We can produce belt or roller conveyors, according to customer specifications and needs

Automatic screw feeder

Automatic screw feeder with pneumatic gun For steel screws. With various diameters and sizes

Ball conveyor tables

Transfer tables with minimal effort for operators

Specific products

Endurance testing machine

Temperature endurance test, with visualization of graphical results online

Vertical warehouses for sheet metal

Vertical warehouses are the best form of organization in the minimum space

Welding Jigs - custom gauge & fixture

According to customer needs Pneumatic, manual or fully automatic

Vertical warehouses for tubes

Vertical warehouses are the best form of organization in the minimum space

Crimping equipment

Various types of equipment, from crimping to plastic and metal

Assembly machines

Assembly machines with detection of all components and anti-error system

Pallet assembly equipment

Automatic equipment for assembling wooden pallets

Welding Jigs - Manual Jigs

According to customer needs

Vertical warehouses for fabrics rolls

The best way to store and maintain the quality of fabrics

Complete line for mattress assembly

Mattress assembly line, reducing operator use and effort